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Live Recording / DVR

Don’t miss out on any of your favorite TV shows anymore; sports, events, movies, etc, with the much-asked-for Record, Rewind, and Pause option for your desired programs with an integrated timeshift feature. DVR works well with live programs as well.


Another mighty feature by MSLive. nDVR enables the content provider to record a live video stream on the server and lets the viewer access that content anytime anywhere within 4 hours.

Live Transcoding

MSLive Live Transcoding allows you to deliver a live stream in multiple bitrates to match the viewer’s connection speed for high-quality content.


Experience the modern broadcasting of programs across multiple mediums, or more than one service on the same medium, at the same time.

Delayed Streaming / Time Shift

Delay your live broadcasts from minutes to hours using the stream latency feature. In order to avoid compromising on the quality of the steam, we ensure high-quality, high-speed network to broadcast from.

Token Authentication

Security comes first hence we provide an authentication token for protecting your content that prevents access to unauthorized users. You can generate a unique URL that expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy it.

IP Blocking

There is certain content that the broadcaster doesn’t want someone with a specific IP to access. There could be a number of reasons such as spamming, corporate privacy limitations, or geographic location restrictions.

Domain Locking

This Feature restricts the streams or contents to be delivered only on a particular website or domain so that there will be no unauthorized viewing and complete protection for your copyrighted content.

Traffic Director

Implement a multi-CDN infrastructure that puts you in control of performance and cost. You can simply start with a strategy that directs traffic to the preferred CDN based on the country, state, or ASN of your users. All these capabilities are fully integrated into our CDN package as a custom solution.

Do you have custom or large audience live event streaming?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use BradMax player for that.
No. However, if you have 10 million concurrent viewers we recommend you to reach out to us for managed live event services.
Yes, you can use custom CNAMEs.
Your encoder will fail over to the next available origin server, so you are covered.
Yes. However, concurrent connections are limited to 3. Contact support for more connections.
Yes, contact sales at buy@MSLive.com or live chat with us now.
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